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Do you gals & guys think this eye makeup is too much for a Masquerade Party or not enough?


theres no place like home


El Salto Angel (completamente alucinante y magico) (by Inti)


Coplanar - Syrian Civil War

Z-fighting artifacts are used to render the Flags of Syria, each mapped to two coplanar 2D surfaces sharing the same coordinates in a 3D rendering environment, as a dynamic hybrid.


Kubuswoningen (1982-84) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, by Piet Blom


CRUVOIR • #Obscur Preview • #SS15 • Classic jacket with buckle harness • Preview Spring Summer 2015 collections at our Blog • blog.cruvoir.com

I’m sorry for being who I am.
I didn’t choose this path for me.
I’m sorry I can’t love you the way you want me to.
I’m sorry my word isn’t good enough for you.
I do love you.